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About Quality Squared

Quality-Squared Ltd was formed to provide bespoke Food Safety, Quality and Technical services to Food Manufacturing Businesses. Depending on the area you need support with services range from “one-off” consultancy with focus on a specific topic over a set number of days, weeks and months to a regular booking where presence and support is required on an ongoing basis.

The Business Values

Our mission is to “provide Practical Solutions, meeting your and your Customers’ requirements by helping you to establish robust Quality systems and programmes which Support your Teams to Continually Improve resulting in Customer Satisfaction


In essence, it is our job to understand your needs and requirements, put a detailed action plan together along with timescales, support your teams on the journey and spend the time executing the plan. The outcome will be that you meet and exceed your Customer and Business requirements and that you continue to produce safe, quality food.

Our Background

Fiona started her journey in the Food industry back in 2002, joining a cooked, chilled, meat company gaining experience in Low-risk and High-risk environments. She embraced the opportunity to learn at the sharp end about food safety, quality, legality and of course the ever-increasing demands of the Retailers. There were many valuable moments. including being part of the team who designed and built a new factory, leading, supporting, and coaching a great team and successfully winning and keeping new Retail business.


In 2008, Fiona left to move to a Low Care ambient Chocolate Confectionery business; the main driver being the opportunity to learn more about Ambient manufacturing environments, gain exposure to additional Retailers and understand a range of different processes; an agenda which was realised quickly.


In 2011, Fiona joined The Silver Spoon Company, part of Associated British Foods (ABF), in a new Group role to the business. The objective was to support five manufacturing sites to raise factory standards and prepare to produce Retailer own branded products. Each site already had great people in their Technical and Operations’ teams; most of whom are still in employ, the business just needed some help with identifying specific Retailer requirements and helping the Site teams to comply with them. The wider remit was to achieve excellent External audit results, develop and nurture relationships with Customers and key stakeholders and constantly look for new ways of enhancing and improving the food safety management systems. Over the years, Fiona’s roles in the business also included Safety, Health and Environmental Management but Food Safety is where her heart is and at the time of leaving the business in 2020, she was Group Head of Food Safety & Quality.


In April 2020 and at the beginning of the Global pandemic, Fiona embarked upon a different journey, joining a widely respected team auditing Suppliers on behalf of a “High-end” Retailer. This role has given Fiona the opportunity to meet many different food manufacturers, learn about lots of different products and processes and build relationships with new teams.

In September 2022, Fiona decided to make her next career move and formed Quality-Squared Ltd; the aim being to provide practical support and expertise to Food Manufacturing businesses to enable them to achieve high standards and produce  safe, quality food and ingredients.

Our Expertise

Fiona is great with people at all levels with a natural ability to put people at ease. She can
identify and verify compliance but being naturally nosey and non-judgemental, she can also
help identify gaps and areas for improvement, working with key stakeholders to generate
ideas and solutions and find the most efficient and effective ways to implement new ways of


Various vocational and academic Qualifications are held and include Advanced Food Safety, Advanced HACCP, Lead Auditor, NEBOSH, HNC Business Studies and Diplomas in Management. More importantly though, Fiona has spent over 20 years in the Food Industry with experience and insight of Low care, High Care and Ambient environments incorporating short-shelf and long-shelf life products, has worked with all of the Retailers successfully and has worked through significant challenges and celebrated success (many times!)

Why Us ?


Why not? We have all come across Consultants or Interim’s who aren’t suitable for a variety
of reasons. It could be they missed the brief, they were unreliable, lacked knowledge or expertise or simply didn’t have the desired personality and presence to “fit” with your
Business ethics. Whatever the reason, the aim of Quality Squared Ltd is to understand your
requirements, agree the plan and execute it within the desired timescales, at the agreed cost and with the right personal behaviours. Click on the “Contact” link and either leave a
message or send an email enquiry and we will be sure to get in touch!

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